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Baseball / Softball Fields

The Colony Five Star Complex encompasses five contemporary baseball Fields and two softball fields. Each field includes terraced spectator seating as well as color coded dugout shade structures, top rails, and scoreboards adding to the ease of field identification.

Field dimensions: 

  • 1 - (black): 300-foot outfield fence, 90-foot base paths, and 60 feet and 6 inches from the pitchers mound to home plate.
  • 3 - (blue, tan, and yellow): 200-foot - 250-foot outfield fence, and multiple base paths.
  • 1 - (white): 200-foot outfield fence, 60-foot base paths, and 46 feet from the mound to home.
  • 2 - (gray, red): softball fields with skinned infield. 200-foot fence, 60-foot base paths, and 40 feet from the mound to home.

Physical Address

4100 Blair Oaks Drive

The Colony, TX 75056

Weather Report

Rainout Line
(469) 217-4064
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