Background Check Policy

Background checks within The Colony Softball Association (TCSA) involves a comprehensive system to ensure the safety and integrity of the organization and its participants. Here's a breakdown of the steps and protocols involved:

1. **Annual Requirement**: All individuals in roles such as coaches, assistant coaches, parent volunteers, and other types of volunteers are required to undergo background checks once every calendar year. This recurring check helps maintain a safe environment by ensuring that all involved parties are vetted regularly.

2. **Application Process**: Applicants have the option to access and complete the background check application through the Coach Background online system. This user-friendly approach facilitates the application process, allowing individuals to submit their information conveniently.

3. **Alternative Submission by Authorized Representative**: In cases where applicants may not be able to submit their information themselves, TCSA’s authorized representative has the capability to enter the applicant’s data into the Coach Background’s online system on their behalf. This ensures that all necessary parties can be screened, regardless of their ability to access the system directly.

4. **Screening and Decision**: The Coach Background Screening Service takes on the responsibility of reviewing the submitted information. They conduct a thorough background check and make a decision to approve or deny the applicant based on the findings and the enclosed background check acceptance and rejection criteria set by TCSA. This impartial review process ensures that decisions are made based on relevant and factual information.

5. **Notification of Outcome**: Once the screening is completed and a decision is made, the Coach Background Screening Service communicates the outcome to TCSA by emailing a report to the TCSA President and Coaches Agent. This report indicates whether the applicant has been approved or denied, providing a clear and concise summary of the decision.

6. **Privacy and Confidentiality**: It's important to note that detailed reports about the applicants are not distributed to TCSA Board members. This practice respects the privacy of the applicants and ensures that sensitive information is handled with the utmost confidentiality and only shared with those who have a direct need to know the outcome of the background check.

Acceptance Criteria:

1. **Non-Violent Misdemeanors**: Class A & B misdemeanors that are non-violent in nature may be considered acceptable under this policy. This acknowledges that not all misdemeanors should automatically disqualify an applicant, especially if they are not indicative of a risk to the safety and well-being of TCSA participants.

2. **DUIs**: DUI offenses that are older than 7 years are not grounds for automatic disqualification. This allows for the consideration of personal growth and change over time, assuming the individual has not engaged in repeated similar offenses.

3. **Other Non-Violent Criminal Activity**: Criminal activities that are non-violent and do not pose a direct threat to children may also be considered acceptable. This includes offenses that do not involve harm or abuse towards children.

4. **Consideration of Repeat Offenses**: The policy acknowledges that the context and frequency of offenses are important. Repeat offenses are taken into consideration, potentially affecting the decision based on the pattern of behavior exhibited by the applicant.

Rejection Criteria:

1. **Felony Convictions**: Any convictions of Type 1, 2, or 3 felonies are grounds for automatic rejection. These types of felonies are considered serious offenses and are likely indicative of behavior that is incompatible with the values and safety standards of TCSA.

2. **Violent or Abusive Misdemeanors and Felonies**: Any charges or convictions, whether misdemeanor or felony, that are violent, aggressive, or abusive in nature, particularly those involving children or minors, will result in rejection. This criterion is crucial for ensuring the safety and protection of all participants, especially the most vulnerable.

3. **Ongoing or Repetitive Criminal Activity**: Applicants demonstrating a pattern of ongoing or repetitive criminal behavior in recent years will be disqualified. This is based on the principle that recent and repeated offenses are indicative of current behavior patterns that could pose a risk to the association and its members.

This policy reflects a commitment to safeguarding the participants and upholding the values of the TCSA by ensuring that all volunteers and staff meet the required standards through a transparent and respectful process.

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