Coaches Agreement

I understand that if accepted by TCSA for any position, I am responsible for:

  1. Completing all mandatory Training and Certifications,
  2. Signing the TCSA Code of Conduct,
  3. Attending regularly scheduled meetings,
  4. Communicating with the my team regarding game/practice schedules and TCSA events,
  5. Supporting all TCSA activities such as opening/closing day ceremonies, clinics, etc.,
  6. Setting an example in my dealings with parents, players, Umpires, Coaches (this includes TCSA inter-league cities) and other TCSA members, as I am a role model and I shall maintain a positive image for my league.

I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the rules and regulations as set forth by TCSA and ASA, as applicable.

I understand that any false information, omissions or misrepresentations of facts called for in this application, whether on this document or not, may result in rejection of my application or discharge at any time during my tenure as a TCSA Coach, Volunteer, Umpire and/or Board member.

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